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  • Since 1993

  • Made In The USA

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Welcome to the TigerTough family

We have been designing and manufacturing quality vehicle products since 1993. When it comes to making quality seat covers you might even say we’re good at it by now. OK, we’re definitely good at it.

TigerTough products offer a complete seat protection system for the people who need it most. We specialize in seat covers for service trucks, construction trucks, delivery vehicles, and law enforcement vehicles. If you operate a fleet of vehicles with seats, we can save you money by making your seats last longer and increasing your vehicles’ trade-in value.

Our seat covers are called TigerTough for a reason – you got it, they’re tough! We do not make a pansy, one size fits all, T-shirt material seat cover that slides around. We build a durable product because you straight up need something that is going to stand up to the abuse you hand out every day. Our seat covers are the best custom fit, water resistant, hard wearing, long lasting seat cover on the market. Hands down.

If you demand the best and won’t settle for less, try TigerTough. We know you’ll love it.

Seat Cover Benefits


  • Independent Headrest

    Your headrest gets covered and remains independent for ultimate comfort and safety.

  • Custom Embroidery

    Customize your truck with your own logo or slogan. Great for boosting team morale in fleet trucks!

  • Double Stitched Seams

    Seams are double stitched for strength and durability.

  • Almost Indestructible Material

    TigerTough's Ironweave fabric is incredibly strong. You won't wear these covers out any time soon.

  • Keep Your Factory Features

    TigerTough seat covers don't hinder any factory features. You won't loose any seat functions or storage space.

  • Factory Finish

    TigerTough seat covers fit like a second skin. You won't have baggy, unsightly covers - they look like a factory cover.

  • Airbag Compatible

    TigerTough seat covers have been independently verified to comply with in-seat airbags.